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Founded in 2014, ABridge Care Concepts team’s deliver wide ranging services that deliver our mission, “Bridging Community and Care.”

Abridge Care Concepts was built on the premise of respecting our seniors and providing peace of mind to each of our customers, our residents, their friends and families, and the greater community. We have taken those foundations and built upon them with modern best practices, a dynamic team of leaders, and specialized programming. ABridge Care Concept’s team’s deliver wide ranging services that deliver our mission, “Bridging Community and Care.”

Our Concord locations proudly offer beautiful one and two bedroom apartment settings serving mature active adults over 55. The Concord is perfect for residents who value their independence but would benefit from assistance with daily activities. Each community is located in a warm and friendly place to call home in the heart of Northeast WI small towns. Our range of services, comfortable setting and caring staff all combine to create a great place to enjoy and call home.

Our residents can continue to enjoy their independence while also having access to personalized services when they need them. We also offer services through our partners to ensure each person has access to services without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Services include routine in-house medical professional visits; Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy with a wide range of specialized programs; and nursing services through the home care of choice.

ABridge Care Cottages are assisted living communities that offer the Concord services in an environment purposefully designed for people living with dementia. Meeting emotional needs requires that care providers go beyond physical care and address the whole person. Love, attachment, comfort, and identity are central to your loved one’s journey through dementia and is achieved through our specially designed program, E’tendu.

Caring for your loved one and supporting your family throughout the dementia process is where we can help. We offer guidance and assistance with daily needs and personal care services while also connecting each resident with the greater community. With qualified resident care staff and ancillary staff, we always follow the clearly defined individualized service plans provided for each resident. This may be achieved through hands-on assistance, supervision, cues, and other methods — with an ultimate goal of maximizing one’s independence and comfort.


In all of our ABridge Care Concepts communities, our team strives to ensure that with most daily tasks taken care of, each of the seniors we serve are free to enjoy each moment and spend time doing what they love in the greater community that they helped build.